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was founded by BIPOC Bi-racial Artivist, AJ 

This community was created to recognise, support and nurture fellow BIPOC artists living and working in Australia

BIPOC Arts Australia provides a safe space for BIPOC artists to share their information and create meaningful and lasting professional relationships. If you would like to join the BAA team, please email 

We use the term BIPOC - Bla(ck), Indigenous and People of Colour as we feel it best aligns with our community. Although the term BIPOC was born from the struggles of the African Americans, we seek in our own land the recognition of creatives who are Bla(ck), Indigenous or People of Colour living and working in Australia.

We do not wish in anyway to diminish the daily struggles of First Nations people and recognise their ongoing struggles are unique to this land.


We do not offer artist management and are not a talent agency. We simply offer a safe and positive space to discover, create, engage with and support other BIPOC creatives in Australia.

We do not share casting or audition information from NON-BIPOC organisations to our creatives.


Our vision is for an Australian creative arts industry that fully supports, acknowledges and represents BIPOC creatives in a conscious and respectful way.


Our mission is to always hear and see our BIPOC creatives and to provide a safe space for BIPOC creatives to connect, create and support each other.

BIPOC Arts Australia has been granted the permissions of each BIPOC creative listed on this site to share their image of choice and select information. We respect and value the privacy of  the creatives listed on this site and never list personal information including phone numbers or information we do not have permission to share.

The links provided on our Resources page have been sourced from the internet and filtered to list sites that best support BIPOC creatives in Country.
We value your opinion. If you have any suggestions or comments about this site, please reach out at

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